Simple everyday look using Barry M dazzle dusts!!

My dear followers,

I wanted to do this look for a while now. I got my first dazzle dusts a year and a half ago and I fell in love with them instantly. They come in a range of different colors, the color payoff is great and they are very blendable. Also, they are affordable/drugstore products which is perfect.In each of the containers you get enough product to last a long looong time and yet it is not so much that you will never be able to get through all of it.

I own 7 of them and I love all the shades. I use them both dry and wet and they are long lasting especially over a primer(for this look I used the Too Faced shadow insurance).
So, here is the look I created for you today. I used 3 shades to achieve this look. I used number 38 "Beige" all over the lid, inner corner and all the way up to the brow bone with a 239 MAC brush. Then I applied number 51 "Mushroom" in the crease with a Sephora Crease brush. After that I applied bumber 98 "Petrol Black" in the outter corner with a 217 MAC brush. Last but not least I used my Urban Decay eye-shadow transforming potion(the "Fine Line Brush" side) with the same color (98)and lined my upper lashline.
Finally I applied some natural-looking false lashes and one coat of mascara.

Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great great weekend!!!


  1. I love it!!Gorgeous look!!Thanks for sharing hun!!

  2. Einai teleio apla!!
    Polla filia! :)

  3. Prepei na parw ki egw Barry M proionta, exw diavasei toso kales kritikes k fainontai yperoxes autes oi skies. Apo pou ta pires? xxx


  4. @Arietta
    Ta phra apo to Superdrug sto Londino. Ta misa to kalokairi tou 2009 kai ta alla misa to kalokairi pou mas perase. Nomizw omws oti ta exei kai to ASOS!Have a look! ;)

  5. Cuteness!!! Gorgeous look indeed!!!
    And a great reminder that I need to use mine more often!!!

    Great post girl! :)

  6. Thanks for your kind words girl!!!!Einai poly kala proionta eidika gia to price range tous! ;)

  7. Love the look! It is natural and the color looks great on you :)

    ps: maybe you like to join our giveway?


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