False eyelashes? Fear not....;)

Goodmorning you guys...!!!
How are you today? I woke up a little later than I intended to but it is still the Holiday Season and I think I deserve a little more sleep.

So what I have for you today is a post on false eyelashes and how to apply them.
Lots of bloggers and youtubers have talked about this and I thought I should give my input on this subject, as well.
First and foremost let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of false eyelashes and especially really dramatic ones. I do like seeing them on other people but I wouldn't use them myself unless they were part of a costume or a tutorial for an eye-look.
The reason I avoid using false eyelashes is that I am afraid of having to re-apply lash adhesive in order to keep them in place. Having said that I love the look of natural looking false lashes with a minimal eye make-up for a night out so I thought I would quit being a falsies noob and give it a go.
What you are going to need is:
A pair of false eyelashes(These are Ardell 105 lashes however I trimmed them because they were too dramatic for me so please do have in mind they look much much fuller if you don't trim them).

Eyelash adhesive(I used eyelure Lashfix Strip Lash Adhesive because I thought the DUO lash glue was a little overpriced)

The first step is to apply glue on the band of the lash.I used the plastic wand that comes with the Lash adhesive to do that.

Then I waited 10 seconds before applying the falsies because you need to allow the glue to get a little tacky before application.
I ,then, held the the two ends of the lashes(the hair and not the band), and applied it right on top of my natural lashes.You need to work with the lashes quickly and move the band around in order to achieve the perfect shape and I suggest you do that with the round end of your tweezers. Then press the band gently on your lid (veeeeery gently) and let the glue dry. It should look more or less like this...

In order to "cover your tracks" apply eyeliner on your top lashline. This will make your falsies look seemless and more natural.

Unfortunately I could not take pictures of the entire process because I needed both my hands to apply the lashes. However I will make sure I do an additional blog post where I apply falsies on someone else so you can see the process step by step. Let me know if this is something you are interested in and I will make it happen.
Now I am off to the supermarket to pick up some stuff!!!
Hope you are having a great day!


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