My thoughts on beauty blogging...!The good, the bad and the in-between....

This is one of the posts I have been wanting to write for the longest time but never got around to doing so because frankly I didn't know where or how to start. So I thought I would skip the prologue and start with some facts. 
Picture taken from: http://www.gabrielweinberg.com/blog/2011/08/why-i-blog.html
  • I started blogging in January 2008 
  • I "switched" to beauty blogging in May 2009
  • My blog(in its beauty form) has already celebrated its 4th birthday (going on its 5th this coming May) which makes it one of the oldest greek beauty blogs on the block.
  • I don't like self promotion and I am particularly bad at it
So, having said all that I would like to begin this post. 
Since my early blogging years I have , always, thought that blogging is a fantastic hobby that can sometimes be the bearer of rare opportunities for the hard-working, honest and creative bloggers. Now that was all bullshit. Excuse my bluntness but it was. There are no real opportunities for the hard-working, honest and creative bloggers. The opportunities are reserved for those who enjoy free items and a fake sense of accomplishment that comes with those. The opportunities present themselves, mostly, to those who are open to "selling" their blog and their opinions to any company that will send them products. 
Blogging used to be a community, the size of a pool, made up of people who enjoyed reading each others' blogs, commenting, collaborating and who loved sharing opinions and ideas. Nowadays it is an ocean of badly written blog posts and of bloggers who will bend over backwards for some ill gained rise in their GFC numbers. 
I am aware that I sound bitter however I would like to make sure that you fully understand that this post is just my way of venting. I am sick and bloody tired of cookie cutter/ pre-written blog comments whose sole purpose is to increase traffic to the commenter's blog or website. 
Favourites posts that consist mostly of freebies (and also include sachet's or testers) annoy the hell out of me. And posts with a million and one grammatical errors make me incredibly angry. 
Now please don't get me wrong...there are great bloggers out there who receive products from companies and have the decency to pick and choose which products to feature and who write honest reviews, respecting their readers. Also, I am not saying that new blogs should not be created. Thinking that would be madness. However I am opposed to the creation of a blog that will serve as a means to an end (the end being , for the lack of a better word: freebies).
And ,of course, being sent products for consideration is definitely not a crime. It is a great way for our readers to learn about new products and to read reviews on those products before spending their money on them. However let's face it people...you are not helping anyone by saying that ALL the products are fantastic and flawless. What you are doing is deceiving your readers. Of course you are going to love some products, that is only natural, but you cannot possibly love every single product you are sent to review. We also have sponsored posts which, in my humble opinion, are fine provided that our readers are aware of the type of post they are reading so they can decide, for themselves whether they want to read said post.
Now let's discuss priorities...!Strangely enough (please sense the irony here) my readers are my priority. The people who have supported me , and still support me to this day, are the people that I aim to please with my posts. I have always respected companies with which I have been in contact with and from which I received products but bending over backwards to make every one of their products the "belle of the ball" when they are just another peasant, was never (nor will it ever be) my goal. 
I am, and have always been. an artist and I treat everything I do (including blogging) with love and integrity. I create original content, to the very best of my ability and I never take my readers for granted. I occasionally ramble and have my moments but never have I lured anyone to my blog under false pretences and that is what I believe, makes me an old-school blogger. All I ask of you is to not confuse me with people who have been deprived of other forms of excellence and/or social acceptance and who will do more or less anything to achieve what they consider to be "celebrity status" through their so-called blogs. 
I believe that's enough for a day's venting. Comment if you feel like it. I would love to hear what you think about all this. 



  1. i love your blog! especially when you post about different products that you are using.. sometimes i feel like i get so stuck on using the same 3 or 4 products and never want to go out of my comfort zone so when i see the products you are using and loving it encourages me to go and try those products!! :) congrats on 4 years hon!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, it means the world to me. I love love love your blog as well and I admire your sense of style so much so this comment, coming from you, means a lot to me! :)

  2. You know that my feelings on this whole issue are pretty much identical to yours: a shitload of blogs were created over a super short period of time to take advantage of the new PR strategies, that are of course using the bloggers to their goals... and it irks me to no end that those bloggers are in that same "pot" (καζανι, που λεμε.. :P) with other bloggers that actually respect what they do. I, for one, cannot accept blog posts without sentences or without proper research or without ANY personal purchases. That's just laughable.

    I know one thing though, those that make it big, do NOT lack in quality and they do know how important great content is and they also struggle to improve themselves all the time. I see it in all the bigger ones, here and all over the world tbh... So I guess it's not that hard work is not appreciated (but then, again, by who?), it's more that there needs to be a balance between good-quality content and the branding policy that the blogger chooses (I'm not talking about "thank u x PR for that lovely present" - in fact that's one of the main things that got us in this mudpit to begin with).

    What's even harder though, is finding the new gems out there... I'm at a loss here, and I know I've only lately discovered some good bloggers and vloggers - up until now I, too did view the majority of them as liggers, which made me not wanna bother at all...

    Shitty situation all around and I'm not sure if we've seen the last of it.. But the main thing one can do is keep at it and also try to get their work out there and hopefully create a few organic blogging relationships through that, old- school style...!


    1. Loved that extra long comment!You are quite right...people who make it big normally create great content. Let's just say I am terrified to see what the future will bring us!


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