PostMas 2: Christmas nails (ideas & designs)

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to PostMas number 2!!!!!!
Last year I attempted to create some Christmas nail designs and dare I say it was a success?! I had fun doing it anyway so I thought I should repeat it this year with some "new" designs and ideas for you. If you want to refer back to last year's designs you could do so HERE.
Without further ado here are the ideas and designs for this year's Christmas Nails.

On the left: Simple and easy Santa's Hat.
On the right: Snowman's Face

On the left: A simple french tip with some silver stars and a fine holographic glitter top coat)
On the right: A beige/french manicure base with a mixture of glitter polishes over top)

On the left: Easy christmas tree with gold and rose gold glitter dots, gold star and glitter detail around the design.
On the right: Black and with bow design with a fine holographic glitter, top coat and rhinestone.

Now since there are 6 designs/ideas here I thought that a DIY for all of those would be a bit much so I will commit to a DIY only if you guys want one. So if you do please comment below and let me know which of these is the most appealing to you and which one you'd like to see a DIY for. 



  1. This is pretty amazing. We love it.
    Samara Sisters

  2. oooooooooooooooooh this is soo adorable :D I will try these design on Christmas *w*

    1. I am so happy you guys liked them!!! :D :D


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