Autumn 2013 Wishlist

First and foremost let me say : I AM OFFICIALLY BACK!!
It has been a while since I blogged and I missed it ,as well as all of you, a great deal. I am still on the go at the moment and trying to figure out....well....life really...so I apologise if this post is a little short. I have made a list of some products (both beauty and fashion related) that are on my wish list for 
Autumn 2013. I have been thinking about putting myself on a no-buy project from the 10th of October until my birthday (2nd of November) however a wish list is still a wish list....who knows; these items might magically make their way to me. Please let me know your thoughts on the project no-buy...do you think I should maybe start after my birthday and make it a tad bit longer or what?
Now oooonto the wishlist... :) 

What do you guys think? ;) 



  1. First of all let me say Welcome Back, woot woot! Missed your posts! As for the wishlist, you have some amazing items on there, hope u get your hands on every single thing! Now, for the no-buy project... hmm.. I d say, start after your birthday and maybe extend it for a month, that way, u can go crazy right in time for the holidays! Well, I know I can't resist a little shopping prior to my birthday, I always treat myself, so, yeah...!

    1. I am glad to be back!I missed reading yours as well...I need to catch up!!You're right about the no-buy project...it needs to happen between my bday and christmas..that is the best time. I hope it goes well...:P


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