Favourite products for summer!

Hello Hello!!!!!

Now, before I forget let me just say that the winner of my giveaway was announced a couple of days ago (check the post HERE and my Facebook Page HERE for the announcement). The first winner failed to answer me within 48 hours so I chose a new winner who hasn't contacted me yet. Something tells me we might be going for a third choice winner...! We'll see...
Now on to today's post....!!!!! I recently went on holiday to a place I haven't visited since I was a child. Aaand...since I haven't been on a proper holiday in almost 5 years I was thrilled to be by the beach with friends and to enjoy the lovely weather.
What did you say?? You'd like a sneak peak...? Well o.k...here it is...

Alongside the lovely weather and scenery I also enjoyed certain products that I wanted to share with you all...!!
From left to right: MAC lustre drops in "Pink Rebel", MAC "Face and body foundation", MAC "Solar Ray" mineralised blush, L'oreal Glam Bronze in "Blonde Sun"* and MUFE Aqua Cream in number 5.
From left to right: Oriflame Blue Lagoon lipgloss in "bronze shore", Revlon lipbutters in "Sorbet" and "Juicy Papaya and Revlon Kissable balm stain in "Rendez-vous" 

Here are some skin and body products that I have been enjoying these last couple of weeks as well...

At the bottom: Avene Eua Thermale "Thermal Spring Water"
From left to right: Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things body mist in "Noir", Le Petit Marseillais Huile Seche, Bioderma Photoderm Max 50+ facial sunscreen, Carroten tanning oil (Please note that I use a 50+ sunscreen on my body as well as my face. However I do use oil on my legs on top of the sunscreen...!!Never EVER go out in the sun without sunscreen...). Aaand last but not least the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun with coconut and papaya..(it smells yummy and it is the perfect product to use after you have been out in the sun...it hydrates and soothes the skin...) 

AAAAAnd that is all for my favourite products for summer. Unfortunately I will not get to use these products for much longer since I am off to the U.K. in less than a week. However I have been majorly enjoying them hence why I wanted to share them with you all...!!!!



  1. I love the Hawaiian Tropic, too, it's so silky! Hope you have a great time in the U.K. :)

    1. It is great. Very refreshing and moisturising. Thank you very much. I will be working but still...I am hoping for an enjoyable time :P

  2. Gosh, you're in such a summer mood, everything on your post screams holidays! Love that you mentioned Le Petit Marseilles, their scents are amazing! Hope all goes well and stress free re the upcoming move! Xx

    1. Well dear...I have to be since my summer starter a couple of weeks ago and it will probably be over by tomorrow afternoon :P
      The u.k. is not really known for sunshine and summer holidays sooooo.....!!
      I think I have tried a ton of Le Petit Marseilles stuff lately and I haven't disliked ONE...! They are great value for money as well. ;)

  3. great products! You might get to use them for longer than you think, its very sunny here in the UK at the moment :) Came across your blog on the #bbloggers hop and am now following you, cant wait to read more x


    1. Thank you Stacey!
      I am in Brighton at the moment and the weather is lovely so I am actually using quite a lot of this stuff :P

  4. Loved all your favs hun and in UK they have a big wave of heat so take them with you hahaha for best or worst! ;)

    1. thanks hun!!!(about 2 months too late, I know...)

  5. Love the summer mood you've got!!
    Have fun!

  6. OHHH i'm going to go pick up some of your favorite products :)!! thanks for sharing your favorites!


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