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Hey guys,

I have a review/introduction for you today. I was contacted by the company Firmoo, a couple of months ago. After reading some reviews on their products and visiting their website, I decided to accept a pair of glasses from them. I got to pick the pair I wanted so I decided on something I NEEDED instead. I went for a pair of prescription sunglasses that would dupe as seeing glasses for my short-sightedness :P
I needed a pair like these to use when I'm driving during the day-time since I stopped wearing contacts a little over a year ago.
If you've been a reader of mine for some time you will know that I very rarely feature "free"products. However I was pretty excited to share this with you since the company offers a pretty wide range of very affordable glasses. I have been wearing glasses for a good 15 years now and I've spent a large amount of money on prescription sunglasses over the years so I was very happy to see that there are companies out there who offer affordable and stylish options. You can check out their site HERE where you can also take a look at their "First Pair Free" program which is very interesting especially if you're in need of a pair of glasses.
Now, here are the glassed I picked out...what do you think??

As always....let me know what you think..!!


  1. These look gorgeous on you! I picked another pair.. I see you are a more sporty type..haha


    1. I am not really but I thought I should try sth different. Can't wait to see which pair you picked out... :)


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