NOTD: Dutcha just love OPI

I have a quick NOTD for you today featuring OPI's "Dutcha just love OPI" from their latest "Holland" collection. This is a gorgeous mid-toned purple with very very fine golden shimmers. It is a very unique colour and I have nothing like it in my collection. I have spotted one more colour that I like but I am trying to cut back on spending money so I am not sure whether I will splurge on that.Let me know what you think about this colour and/or whether you'll be picking up any colours from the collection.

What do you think??


  1. I love purples and this is a good one!!

  2. wow, lovely color of nail-polish :)
    and the glasses are from Armani ^-^


  3. @Natalie: This is indeed a good one!!

    @lydi: Xairomai pou egkrineis...!Lew apo mesa mou...twra tha me kraksei pou phra ki allo mano :P

    @glittermeup: Thanks :) :)

    @TheMadTwins: Aww thanks for letting me know about the glasses. I am glad you like the polish :)


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