February Favourites!!

So, girlies, another month flew by didn't it? How are you all doing? I am back in Moscow for a little while(or, at least, that is how I am looking at it) and work is as hectic as usual.
Now, today I have a post on my February favourites for you. I hope you like them and you find them interesting...:)

Let's break it down shall we??
I am ,still, in love with the Garnier BB as well as the Chanel Bronze Universal...

Also, after I decided I should stop using my NAKED palette for a little while in fear that I might get bored of it, I put together this MAC quad...

The top two colours are "All that glitters" and "Rice paper" and the bottom two are "Haux" and "Signed, Sealed".
Next up are 3 wonderful products...!!1. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in the colour "black ink" 2.EOS lipbalm(lemon drop) and 3. MAC Speed dial lipstick.

The next two products are the YSL faux cils mascara in the colour "Noir Radical" and the essence angled eyeliner brush(If you haven't picked it up do it NOW...no no...no arguing...right NOW :P).

Last but not least, a nail polish and a nail polish remover (convenient don't you think?). The nail polish is the French manicure by Orly in the shade "Sheer Nude".The remover is OPI expert touch and it is the purple one(I have no idea whether it has a special name or not).

So that is all for now my dears...!What were your favourites this month??

p.s. On my nails I have my favourite polish shade which is Essie's "Sand Tropez"


  1. I love that your favourites make up a complete look! I haven't heard much about Haux and Signed,Sealed eyeshadows- underrated Mac products, I'm guessing? Also, the EOS lip balm looks tres cute, though it's way too bulky! Not particularly travel-friendly :(((

  2. Oh well thank you my dear!! You're right...it is almost a complete look.I love Haux for the crease and signed, sealed as a liner. The latter has been discontinued unfortunately but you can still get Haux. I am over the whole hyped mac shadows...!I have a couple of them and I don't really use them. I mean, all that glitters is one of them and I am now trying to use it up and get one that I actually like. (rantiiiing...)
    As far as the EOS goes it is both cute and a nice balm bulkiness aside. :)

  3. Best favourites' selection I've seen in a while!
    Could your taste in makeup get any better??? :)


  4. Thelw n apoktisw opwsdipote t bronzer ts Chanel! <3 m exei ginei emmoni! :)


  5. @Tina: Could I be more flattered?? I love your taste in make-up...and your comment makes me feel just great! :D

  6. @FashionSugarBubbles: Kale oxi kai emmonh...!:P
    Na to pareis twra gia to kalokairaki...tha einai teleio kai eimai sigourh oti tha sou aresei :)

  7. Great products!
    You just got tagged! http://5glamclub.blogspot.com/2012/03/11-question-tag.html


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