LUSH Haul!!!

So, I am back with a small LUSH haul!!!First of all I have to say that I didn't buy everything in one go.Also, there are a couple of re-purchases of all time favourite products and a couple of new additions.

So, here is what I got:

Ocean Salt scrub: An all time favourite of mine!!!

It's raining men shower gel: A great nourishing shower gel which smells like the cult LUSH soap "Honey I washed the kids" (enough said...:P )

Tea Tree Water toner: Another all time favourite of mine. It is a great toner if you are in the market for one.

Tea Tree Tablets: These little tablets work amazingly if you want to give yourself a facial. Just throw one in a bowl boiling water and use it to steam your face.

Last but not least the "No drought" dry shampoo. I am new to this product. I am all out of dry shampoo and I wanted to get one with more natural ingredients than the ones I was using before so I went ahead and bought this one. So far I really like it. It smells very fresh and lemony and it works wonders for my oily roots.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, let me know what you think. If not, would you like to try any of them?



  1. kale stamatiste ta pswnia giati tha mas bgalete apo ta parathyra eseis oi duo!!! :p
    nice my friend.! cant wait to buy the whole Lush store in London .!!!

  2. to ocean salt einai agaphmeno! to dry shampoo akougetai polu endiaferon...

  3. prin ligi wra olws tyxaiws koitaza ta lush kai mpika ston peirasmo na parageilw kati-alla den kserw ti aksizei pragmatika-any suggestions?

  4. @les diaboliques : Analoga tis anagkes sou! To ocean salt einai agaphmeno mou scrub kai gia to swma alla kai gia to proswpo. To tea tree toner to xrhsimopoiw apo ton Septemvrh(I am currently on my 4th bottle) kai pisteyw aksizei na to dokimasei kaneis. Epishs twra gia kalokairi tha proteina kai thn maska gia ta podia(volcanoe mask nomizw legetai) kai to scrub se morfh patousas(den thymamai to onoma dystyxws).
    Ta sapounia einai thema proswpikhs epiloghs kai einai dyskolo na dialekseis xwris na ta myriseis.
    Elpizw na voithisa ligo. :)


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