Body Shop haul!

Hello my dears,

A week ago I went shopping to find myself a birthday present. After a walk around I decided that I shouldn't buy things I don't need so I decided to get some stuff from the Body Shop that I could splurge on without feeling guilty. After all a girl needs shower gel and shampoo...;)
So here is my little haul....

Banana Shampoo

Coconut Shower Cream

Soft hands,Kind heart hand cream

Now, in brief, the Banana shampoo is becoming one of my favourites. My friend Kate is always rambling about how great this shampoo is and I kind of agree....
The coconut shower cream is a classic for me. It has a warm coconut smell which I like for this time of year. It is , also, very creamy and nourishing which is always a plus.
The shower lilly is mildly exfoliating and lovely for cleansing the skin.As far as the hand cream is concerned, I haven't decided yet.I will let you know once I have made up my mind!

Hope you like this post ;)


  1. I love the coconut shower gel, and the hand cream, i also have the loofah, but i've never thried the banana shampoo as i always thought that it smells a bit too mild for me.
    i love me some strong shampoo scents!

    do you reckon it cleanses your hair well? :) xx

  2. OMG I'm a massive fan of the banana conditioner! It really smells and comes out of the bottle like mashed banana pulp! xx

  3. Your shopping spree sounds very tropical ! xo

  4. τα συγκεκριμένα προ'ι'όντα είναι στη wish list μου..

  5. 8elw polu na dokimasw to coconut proion! :)


  6. Omg I love the banana shampoo! I honestly don't think it does anything for my hair but the smell is just oh so divine that I can't stop using it!

  7. @fashionwrittenwithalipstick:
    It does smell quite mild but I kind of like it. My head and shoulders smells waaaay too strong and it stays on my hair so this is a nice "break" from that smell.
    It cleanses quite well I'd say and it is not heavy on my hair(I have very fine/thin hair so...) ;)

    @Evi: I haven't tried the conditioner(I really don't use conditioner though..but I might have to make an exception...hm)

    @glittermeup: Haha..you're right..it does sound quite tropical.

    @mystickland: Nice!I recommend them both. Ean ta pareis let me know pws sou fanhkan :)

    @FashionSugarBubbles: I am obsessed with coconut opote exw dokimasei polla proionta tetoiou typou. Ayto einai gia autumn/winter(kai h myrwdia alla kai to poso enydatiko einai).

    @blog-a-beaute: I think it cleanses my hair well and it makes it very shinny. That is all I can ask for from this type of shampoo!The smell is neither here nor there for me...!I like it but I don't love it(yet...:P)

  8. oh yeah!!!! banana shampoo.. one of the best!!!!! :)
    u need to check the new products Body Shop has for xmas..!!! i think i am gone go for a massive purchase.. :P ;)

  9. @Kate: Esy ftais pou kollhsa me thn banana...eisai kakh epiroh :P
    Tha paw sto telos ths evdomadas na tsekarw ta Xristougenniatika ;)

  10. What a yummy haul!!!! Banana and coconut... girl you TOTALLY had an exotic theme in mind when shopping!!! ;)



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