ELF Haul (hits and misses)

Hey all!

I haven't been blogging lately because I find myself not having time to come up with looks. Also, I tend to only have time to take pictures in the evening which is not really the ideal time to take pictures. So I come back to you guys today with a haul from ELF. This was my first purchase from ELF and I can say with some confidence I will be buying from them in the future!The products got here really fast and everything I ordered was in the package!
Now, I am going to talk about each product individually and share with you my hits and misses.

Starting with the mineral line I got 3 items (from left to right): The Elf mineral booster(large/sheer), ELF mineral blush in Coral & elf mineral eyeshadow in Socialite. A definate HIT!All three of these products are great!I will definately buy more of the mineral eyeshadows and blushes!Please let me know if you recommend any colors.

Then I got two all over color sticks in "Golden Peach"(right) and "Lilac petal" (left)!These are great for a quick blush touch-up(especially "lilac petal). I personally use "Golden Peach" as a cheek highlighter whenever I have peachy-toned blushes on.Mostly a hit

Now let me tell you about the 5 studio products (2 face products,2 brushes and an eyeliner) I got!
1.Cream eyeliner in "Coffee". A nice product that doesn't smudge or smear and has good pigmentation and formula.A HIT it is...;)

2. Elf powder and Fan brushes!Love them both.They are definate HITS!

3.Corrective concealer and Complexion Perfection Powder. I couldn't tell you whether these are hits or misses because I have barely used them. I will come back with a review though ;)

Now the last products I got were: A nailpolish in "Golden Goddess" (MISS), a therapeutic conditioning lip balm in "Blueberry creme"(A big MISS...I am so dissapointed) and a highshine lipgloss in "Flirt" (HIT).

This order was my gift to myself for my 25th birthday which was on the 2nd of November and I think it was a money well spent! Let me know if you have anyof these products or other ELF products and what you think of them!!!




  1. I've only used the Elf eyeshadow palettes before and I found that they were definitely a miss because there was so much powder fall out!! Good to see that you had mostly a good experience with these products, you make me want to give Elf another chance.

  2. I recommend you give their mineral blushes and eyeshadows a chance if you do. Their studio line brushes are also very good for their price! I am still "testing" all the products I ordered and the ones I mentioned to you earlier are the ones that truly impressed me.Hope this helped!


  3. Geia souuu Athina! :)

    I loooove the mineral booster and the powder brush, they're staples in my makeup routine! I also like the cream eyeliners! :)

    Why didn't you like the nail polish and the lip balm?

    Opws katalaves eimai fanatiki tis Elf hehe ;)


  4. Hello Stavroula and welcome!The lipbalm is a little greasy and to be perfectly honest even though I love the color the smell kind of puts me off. Exw omws mia filh mou pou ths arese kai einai poly pithano na ths dwsw ena deytero gia back-up giati pleon exw stamathsei na krataw pragmata pou den skopeyw na xrhsimopoihsw.
    The nail polish is a fail because of the chunky glitter. I thought it might be a little finer.But I have grown to like it. I think I will purchase a "normal"color next time and give that a try!!!


  5. Aaaaaa de m'aresun ka8olu ta lipara lip balm, opote s'euxaristw gia tin proeidopoihsh! :)



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