Halloween Take II, III & IV

Hey guys,

So since it is Halloween in a couple of days I thought : why not create a couple of wearable and easy to create looks for you. Since Halloween is an alien concept in Greece I thought it would be a perfect time for me and my friends to experiment with looks for this year's carnival. So, last week I invited 3 dear friends of mine to my house and asked them to "model" some looks for me.

"I'm a Barbie girl" :p
The first one I did on Natasa was a "Barbie" look. I got inspired to do this by Natasa's love for hot pink items and clothing. It is pretty simple to re-create.Pale skin (use a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone), pink eye-shadow that doesn't extend past the crease, and light green shadow to line the top and bottom lashlines. Finish the look off with a light pink lipgloss and hot pink blush. Natasa already had a blonde wig so she put that on as well.

"Jungle Queen"
For my second model, Katerina, I chose a look that would bring out her wild side,so to speak. She naturally has big curly hair and a roaring personality so I thought we should do a Jungle chic/Jungle Queen look. This is a little more complicated mainly because you need to be patient with the cheetah patterns which will take a long time to do. So what I did here is I foiled a tan coloured loose shadow and placed it all over the lid as well I extended it on the temple(right side) and cheek (left side). Then I took a gel eye liner and created the cheetah pattern. Also make sure you contour your face with bronzer so that your bone structure stands out and use a dark toned blush or a sparkly/golden bronzer as a blush(which is what I did). As for the lips I used a peachy golden color gloss.

"Jungle King"
So I am proud to present a look for a guy. Whether you have a boyfriend who is willing to be made into your "Jungle King" (given of course you are the Queen), or whether you have a friend who would look good as a lion this is the perfect look for him. For this look you are going to need some brown/neutral eyeshadows, a medium brown eye or lip pencil, some netting and a brush of your choice. We want the forehead to be darker than the rest of the face so I mixed a couple of browns and applied them on the forehead and temples. On one of the temples I used the pencil to create animal print shapes and then i used the netting on the cheeks with some brown colors to create a dirty/muddy effect.

I welcome any questions you might have. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a great day!!!

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