London Haul Vol II ...(make-up).

Hey guys,

This is a long- overdue post. I am sorry it took so long to put up but I didn't have time to take photos and stuff. So here it is...

UDPP and Urban Decay transforming potion.

Nars "Sin" blush. I wanted to get this since I swatched it last summer and I'm glad I picked it up.

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes in Phenomen'black. My new favorite mascara!!!!

Collection 200 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners (from left to right : Rock Chick, Glitz & Shake it up).

Barry M dazzle dusts (88,98 & 14)

Barry M "A touch of magic" lipstick. This is a green lipstick that turns pink once you put it on. It is a fun product... :)

That's all folks...!!!



    I'm obsessed with make-up, and now I'm sooo jealous! Hahaha! Is that green to pink lipstick any good? Urban Decay is my favourite brand :)
    Bonnie xxxx
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  2. That's quite a nice haul there! ;)
    You 've covered everything, lol! :)
    Those green/pink Barry M stuff are so weird, I wouldn't have thought they worked at all before reading your post!


  3. @jezebel!I love Urban decay too but it is not widely available where I live at the moment which can be so frustrating...!
    @tina! I covered pretty much everything :P ...!The Barry M green lipstick works a bit like a stain.It does turn pink when it comes in contact with your skin however there is no way to know how intense the color will be unless you swatch it. It looks hot pink on my lips but light pink on one of my friends...!

  4. Thats so annnnooooyinnggg!
    Where do you live? It's fairly easy to get when your in London :) x
    Thanks for following, by the way!
    Bonnie xx

  5. Great haul! I really want that Barry M green polish, I keep forgetting to pick it up! xx

  6. hahaha that green lipstick looks SO scary! it's neat that it turns colours once you apply it :) xx

  7. it does look scary but it is so much fun to use at the same time!


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