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Hey girlies,

Before I get started with today's post I would like to say a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG Thank You to all you guys who read my posts. I've reached 50 followers and I couldn't be happier. Keep your eyes open for a giveaway I'll be posting about soon. I have been thinking about prizes and I think I just made up my mind....;)

So,on to today's post. This TAG is quite interesting because the contents of a woman's purse tells you a lot about her personality and her everyday life!!
Let's start with the purse itself...! Lately I've been carrying my favorite Bric's handbag. It has 4 compartments and prenty of pockets which is great on one hand because it fits so much stuff. It can also be somewhat frustrating because it takes me time to find my stuff.
Let's take a look at the handbag itself, first of all

The pictures are not great but hopefully you can see what it looks like!
Now on to the contents(in order not to post a picture heavy post I'm just gonna write a list):
1. Wallet...!one of my 2 most valuable possessions. This wallet was a gift from one of my best friends Maria. She is Italian and she send it to me as a gift about 8 months ago. It is a red leather Renato Balestra wallet and I love it. A fun fact about me is that all my wallets to this day were red leather wallets.
2. Glasses...!Firstly my prescription glasses. I am short-sighted and sometimes I need these to drive at night or when we got to the cinema. And then, my sunglasses which I am so proud of since they are the first pair I bought with my own money.
3. Tissues...!(pretty self-explanatory really)
4. House Keys...!
5. Car keys...!
6. Hand sanitizing gel...!
7. 2010 Diary...! This was a gift for my b-day. It is a teNeues The Nursery "Alice" diary which includes illustrations from the original "Alice in Wonderland".
8. Hair-clips...!The come in handy in a number of situations.
9. Umbrella...!Sometimes I feel like I don't need it but it comes in handy every now and then.
10. A pen...!
11. Gum...!Specifically, I've been loving the Trident Senses mint cinnamon fever.
12. My mobile phone...!I have a black LG Cookie and unless I can afford and i-Phone I won't be switching phones for a while.
13. A handsfree for my mobile...!
14. A mini cool citrus "Listerine"...!
15. A mini "Nivea" deodorant (Pearl beauty)...!
16. My MAC Studio Fix Powder...!
17. A nail file...!
18. A vaseline Rose lipbalm...!
19. A Bourjois Effect 3D, Les Nudes lipgloss (No 35) which is a nude yet sparkly gloss perfect for any occasion.
20. A bottle of water...! I am thirsty all the time so this is essential.
21. My MP4 player (I own a Creative Zen). I carry this with me most of the time because you never know when you are going to have time to kill. Some of my friends tend to be late so this comes in handy. Also I cannot get on a bus or the tube without it.

I think this might be all...!Lately I have been trying not to stuff my purse with unecessary items but things tend to slip in there every now and then. I bet you know how it can be ;)

What's in your purse?? :D


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