Skin care routine!

Hello my beautiful readers,

First of all I would like to say how excited I am to have over 40 readers and that I am waiting until I hit 50 to have a small contest/giveaway.
Now on to today's post. I am going to run you all through my skin care routine since I think I have finally made up my mind about the products that are best for my skin. This has been my routine for almost a year now (although I did change moisturizers half way through)and it works gr8.
I start by taking my make-up off using Simple "Cleansing lotion". This is a product available only in the U.K. as far as I know. I have been using it for almost 5 years and although it is not an actual make-up remover it works wonders.

Then I use a facial sponge and wash my face with L'occitane's "Rice Foaming Cleanser"

Once or twice a week, after having used my cleanser, I use an oil balancing facial scrub. This is the Simple "Clear skin Oil balancing Facial scrub".

After I rinse the cleanser I dab my face with a clean cloth and use L'occitane's "Purifying rice toner" on a cotton ball and go over my entire face and neck.

Then, I moisturise using Origins "Balanced diet" which is a 'Lightweight moisture lotion'.

Sometimes when I feel my skin needs a little extra something I use a serum (also by Origins but from the "Perfect world" series). I got this as a sample from a drugstore and I will definately purchase the full size when time comes.

Last but not least I put on my Clinique "All about eyes rich" eye cream.

So far so good with this routine. I definately recommend the L'occitane products if you have normal to oily skin. They work wonders for my oily t-zone as well for the rest of my skin. I love Simple products too. If you ever get the chance to try any of them don't hesitate. As far as the eye-cream goes I am currently looking for one to try out so if you have any recommendations please comment and let me know. Lastly the two origins products I mentioned are two of the best moisturising products I have ever used.

That is all for my skincare routine. I will be posting my November favorites soon too. Also, please e-mail me or comment if you have any requests.Have an amazing weekend! :D



  1. Hey hun, come check out my new blog. My old one (B-U-T Blog) is no longer working. I've changed the giveaway a bit.

  2. OMG all these products look so droolworthy!!! I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it so far. :)



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