my 24th birthday!

Today I am turning 24!!!!I'm just as scared as I am excited. On Saturday I organized a birthday party at a friend's house. I had the greatest time EVER. It was so much fun. My friends made me a heart-shaped birthday cake which was delicious and extremely cute. I had the chance to see some people I haven't seen in a while and celebrate in style since the theme of the party was "The Oscars".

Here are some of the gifts I got. There is lots of *bling* so brace yourselves! :D

First and foremost my mom and her bf Chris got me a Juicy couture watch!

I got 3 Swarovski items. 2 pendants and a "charm".

My cousin got me a Swarovski crystal door/cupbord handle and a "shopping bag" from a place called "Greece is for lovers".

I got the Complete Illustrated Works of Oscar Wilde(amazing)and a pocket diary with an illustration of the original "Alice in Wonderland"

I also got 2 amazing pairs of earrings.

There will be more pictures from the party soon!



  1. We had a great time!!Happy birthday!xx

  2. Happy Birthday Congrats!! btw I gave you an award to get it visit my blog http://fabuleusevie.blogspot.com/2009/11/blog-award.html

  3. Happy Birthday girl! :)
    Na ta ekatosthseis!
    My, my fabulous presents! :)))


  4. lydi: I am glad you had a good time!thank you for being there and for the amazing present(she got me the swarovski grape pendant).

    Fabuleux: Thanks for the award hun!Your blog is great too. I love reading it.

    Tina: thanks for the bilingual wishes :p


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