TAG: Make-up and blogging about it!

I am so excited about this TAG mainly because it was created by a fellow blogger/ make-up junkie (as she said)": Van's make-up ride!

My love-affair with make-up started when I bought my first mascara. It looked more like a lash and brow gel but I loved it anyway! I used to hide it in my closet and put it on before going to the cinema with my classmates. My mom said it was too early in my life to start wearing make-up so that is why I used to hide it. However a year or so afterwards she gave me some of her clinique make-up (a khol liner and an eyeshadow I think) and taught me how to put khol liner in my waterline. I was happy to do just that for a couple of years and then I realised how many different products are out there. That is when I builded up a tiny collection and started doing my friends' make-up whenever I got the chance (my little lab rats :D). I took a break from make-up for a year or so (right before I started uni) and then I started trying all sorts of different products and companies and experimenting with looks and techniques. A year ago I started this blog but my intentions were different. I wanted a place to rave about all sorts of things that were related to my life. However that is when I discovered youtube and turned my blog into a place of make-up and fashion obsession!!!

I tag: Lydia (http://nottoolateblog.blogspot.com/) & Tina(http://allthevanity.blogspot.com/) as well as anyone else who would like to do this TAG!Have fun!


p.s. It is good to know that they are others out there who share the same obsession...! :D


  1. Luv your blog!very cute:). Pls chk out our Fashion Style & Celebrity Blog!


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