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Now, I wanted to do a little review of the ECOTOOLS brushes I bought the other day. I had been looking for good budget brushes for quite a while now but,instead, I decided I would take advantage of a 1+1 sale that was going on and buy some high-end brushes instead. While I was looking around I came across some ECOTOOLS brushes. I have to admit I was extremely surprised since I had heard of these brushes before but never thought any place in Greece would carry them.
I couldn't resist the idea of earth-friendly, super soft, budget brushes so I bought the blush brush and the powder brush. So far I am loving how soft the bristles are and how easy they make the product application. In my opinion these brushes offer all the things some high-end brands offer plus they are eco-friendly. Their handle is made of bamboo and their bristles are synthetic Taklon while the ferule is made from recycled aluminium(and they come in very cute pouches). If you are looking for a good powder or blush brush but you are on a budget then give these a try. I will post some pictures(as always) so you can have a look at the products.


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  1. I have these! I love it! I had them for over a year and they are still in excellent shape! Great blog!


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