September favorites.

Well....September is gone and October is offically here. I don't know whether it sucks for you guys or not but it IS here so I think we should all make the most of it.

Here are my September favorites(make-up, nails and accessories).

1. MAC "All that glitters" eye-shadow
2. NYX "Champaign and Caviar" palette
3. Bobbi Brown "Black Ink" gel liner
4. Vaseline "Rosy Lips" lip balm
5. Toyoko angled eye liner brush
6. MAC "Face and body foundation"

1. OPI "Done out in Deco" nail polish
2.Peggy Sage "Crocus"(073) nail polish


Cup-cake earrings from Top-Shop(Oxford Street).

Goodie from Japan!!A owl-shaped green ring. My cousin brought me this cute ring from Japan!

Necklaces (which I love layering lately)

1. H&M necklace.

2. Accessorize "Elephant" necklace

3. Silver Apple necklace. I am pretty sure I got this a couple of years ago from NEXT but don't take my word for it.

Hope you like this post.

I will be posting a haul as soon as I get my hands on a few more stuff on my wishlist.




  1. Toyoko makes an angled liner brush???
    Must search for that one!


  2. Those cupcake earrings sure look yummy! Mmmm... :)


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