"MAC" MAC collection and outlet products!(small haul)

Hey guys,

I went to MAC a couple of days ago and checked out the MAC collection. I can safely say that I wasn't all that interested in it. Other than the two shadows I bought and a pigment which I wanted but decided I didn't need, nothing else wow-ed me.
So here is what I did get :

left: off the page right: haunting
They are very nicely pigmented and I love the colors.

I also went to an outlet store where I found a stand of mac products that have been discontinued etc and bought another 4 shadows(petalescent, surreal, signed&sealed and teal blue) and a plushglass in "foolishly fab".

Here are the swatches for all 6 shadows and the plushglass.

From left to right: teal blue, petalescent, surreal, haunting, off the page & signed&sealed. And under the shadow swatches : "foolishly fab" plushglass.

That is all for now!



  1. Love the plushglass you got, looks amazing!Great post, lovin the blog as a whole too. Come by mine sometime and don't forget to say hello xxx

  2. Wow, an outlet store that carries MAC?
    More info please!!!

    Great haul too!


  3. (tina) Well, you know Factory outlet(the one which is opposite the airport Cargo services)? There is a Gallery de Beaute there and they, sometimes, have some discontinued products from all sorts of different companies including MAC. You won't find tons of stuff but you can find some if you are lucky!

    (Liparazzi) The plushglass is really pretty and although I am not a hudge fan of plushglasses I am in love with this one!oh and thanks so much for stopping by and also commenting! :)


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