Autumn/Winter wish list!!!

I was browsing on the internet(don't do it...just don't) and I came across a couple of products that I am incredibly curious about and I would love to try. Some you cannot get outside the U.S. but a girl can still dream can't she??
Most of these items I have been wanting to try for a while and some of them have been recently, added to my wish list. So, I decided to do this post to show you these items just in case you have tried any of them and you'd like to let me know whether they are worth buying or not..!! This is a two-part wish list with a beauty-related and misc list.

What do you think??Let me know...;)


  1. o my god occ lip tar!!! i want it so badly!

  2. αχ το τσαντάκι και η πλατφόρμα είναι σούπερ!!!!σου εύχομαι να μπορέσεις να τα πάρεισ όλαααα!!!!!!

  3. Τη Naked 2 εννοείται ότι τη θέλω κι εγώ! Για το βερνίκι snowflake έχει ένα παρόμοιο η China Glaze, το Snowglobe, νομίζω είναι πιο οικονομικό και πιο εύκολο να το βρεις :)

  4. H ΝΑΚΕD 2 είναι απλά υπέροχη!! Δεν θα χάσεις αν την πάρεις!!


  5. @marilena: I know...isn't it beautiful??!!

    @jiubilo: se eyxaristw poly!!!

    @NatalieDouka: To exw to Snowglobe koritsi...allaaaaa den einai to idio...ayto einai san ena ths sally hansen (hidden treasure nomizw) pou psaxnw xronia na to vrw...

  6. OMG is about right...!!And I cannot find it anywhere...it is sold out....:'(

  7. Nice! I wanted the Naked2 palette too but now I am glad I didn't rush into buying it as Vice came out and I will opt for that instead!

  8. Good point Cel...good point!! :)

  9. πολλα ειναι κ στη δικη μου λιστα!!χιχι
    τη naked τη θελω πολυ και τη βλεπω κ παντου χαχαα

  10. Gorgeous post, I want most of this stuff too! You should consider doing a swap with a UK blogger if you wanna get your hands on stuff outside of the US!

  11. xx_LauraJayne: thank you!!I am currently in Greece. If you are interested we could arrange a swap. Let me know!! :)

  12. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 Kill City Jeans giveaway if you'd like to check it out!
    devorelebeaumonstre.com xx


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