New Garnier Fructis Nutri-Repair Yellow Series Review

Hello my lovely readers...
The weekend is upon us and I thought I should take some time between cleaning and re-arranging things in my room, to write this review.
About two weeks ago I received some new products from Garnier. They came in a lovely yellow box....

Before you ask, no I wasn't asked to do a review. I merely thought it might be helpful for someone who is thinking about purchasing one or more of these products.
In the box there were 4 hair products which are part of the new Fructis Nutri Repair series for dry, dehydrated and damaged hair. My hair is not dry however it is somewhat damaged and dehydrated. So I gave these products a try to see whether they are compatible with my hair. Also it took me a little longer than expected to do this review since I wanted to give these products a real go before telling you what I think.
Now, I will break this review down so it is easier to follow!Hope that this way works for you! :)
First of all here are the products:
                                      Product Number one: Fortifying Shampoo

My opinion:
I like this shampoo and I would recommend it for people who need the extra moisture and are looking for an affordable shampoo. I like using different shampoos throughout the week because if I stick to one my hair get used to it quickly and it stops "working". So currently, I am using this, the Mythic Oil shampoo and my trusty Head and Shoulders. That way I get the best of everything.

Product Number two: Conditioner

My opinion:
I am not one to use conditioner every day so I have only used this 4 times. From what I've seen it works well with the shampoo. It gets rid of the knots and leaves the hair shiny. My only advice would be to only use it at the ends of your hair if your roots are prone to being oily (like mine are). However that is the case for every conditioner I have tried.

Product Number three: Instant Repair Mask 

My opinion:
This is a very moisturising mask which would suit busy lifestyles in the sense that because it is instant(meaning you don't have to wait to rinse it off) it would be ideal for people on the go.
This is a product that I would only use once a week to avoid build-up. However a family friend who has curly/dry hair and happened to try this the other day, thought that it was great. As you can see so much depends on your hair type...!!

                                  Product Number four: One Minute Hair Mask                                  

My opinion:
I am sorry to say that this is the only product that really didn't work for me. Of course, that is because it was way to heavy for my thin and oily hair. It definitely moisturised my hair and made it shiny but the weight of the product was too much for my hair. So.....my auntie called dibs and I will be giving it to her to try out. She has dry and damaged hair so it will be interesting to see how it works out for her.

Hope this review helped, if you are thinking about buying any of these products.


  1. Πολυ ενημερωτικο το "test drive" των προιοντων της garnier που εκανες!! Ελπιζω συντομα να τα δοκιμασω και εγω για να εχω 100% ολοκληρωμενη αποψη! Φιλακια πολλα!!

  2. So far I've tried the conditioner and the instant repair mask, I love them both! They smell amazing and they leave my hair super soft and shiny :)

  3. @eleni brightside: Xairomai para poly pou sou fanhke "xrhsimo". Eyxaristw gia to comment!

    @Stavroula: Yep!!The smell is very nice actually. Fruity and Fresh at the same time. :) :)

  4. Αχ ανυπομονώ να τα δοκιμάσω και εγώ :)

  5. Let me know pws sou fanhkan otan ta dokimaseis ;)


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