How much does my "face" cost ??

So this "tag" has been going around for a while now and I was really intrigued by the outcomes so I thought it would be great to do it as well so here it is....!!!
I made a list of the products I use on a daily basis and looked up the prices. Some might not be 100% accurate but it is close enough...;)
Anywaaaay....let's get on with this post before I start rambling...;)
Here are the products...


  • Garnier BB cream Combination to Oily skin (loving this at the moment btw...) : 9.99 
  • Laura Mercier Loose setting powder : 40 
  • NARS "Laguna" Bronzer : 35 
  • Collection 2000 lasting Perfection Concealer : 5.30 
  • MAC "Peaches" Blush : 22 € 
  • NARS eyeshadow primer : 25 
  • No7 e/s in "Wheatsheaf" : 8.70 
  • NYX e/s in "True Taupe" : 5 € 
  • NO7 eye pencil in "10 Brown" : 8 
  • YSL Faux Cils mascara : 28 
  • Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel : 11 
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in "Boy" : 28 
This is what I use on an every day basis and/or when I am going through a routine make-up phase. 
Now let's calculate the total.....(drumroll....).........= 225.99 
I was kind of expecting it to be honest with you all...!!I mean the powder alone costs 40 euro. However all the products mentioned above last a long ....LONG time and have been well loved so that kind of dials down the shock factor for me...!!
Anyway guys...hope you liked this short post and you are all "tagged" to do this post...!Believe me it is worth doing it just to see how much you have been spending on your everyday make-up products.



  1. Look at the end of the day the price tag might be big but i look at it that these products are great quality and long lasting !!

  2. para polu omorfa 8a legame :P 8a to kanw ki egw kapoia stigmh!

  3. I am so doing this tag,great post!! it's amazing how it all adds up!

  4. @glittermeup: Very, very true!!

    @Lydia: E ante nte..:P

    @NatashaV: You should. It is an eye-opening experience to say the least!! :P

  5. Omg This is soooo scary! Δεν τολμαω καν να κανω την προσθεση για εμενα :-Ο
    Παντως χρησιμοποιεις τα καλυτερα!!!


  6. beautyincrisis: Thank you!!! :)
    Koita ekana kai ena screening process...thn naked as poume den thn evala alla oute kai highlighter giati den ta xrhsimopoiw aparaithta tis kathimerines. Epishs afhsa eksw kai to foundation giati to prwi eidika den to xrhsimopoiw. Kan'to pantws...exei plaka :P


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