NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Effects "Girl Flower" & mini review.

Hey girlies...!!!
I am back from a not-so-hot holiday. Well let's face it...it sucked...!!Nonetheless I am back with a special NOTD featuring one of Sally Hansen's Salon effects styles called girl flower.
Let me say that I have had this for a long time (5 or 6 months) and didn't get around to using them until last week, right before I went on holiday. 
This started of as a revolutionary product. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is a set of real nailpolish strips. It comes in a variety of styles and colours and each package contains 16 strips in two individual packs. It also comes with a mini cuticle stick and a mini nail file/buffer. 
So my mini review will be a short list of the positive and negative aspects of this product(as always)
A wide selection of styles
Easy application
The strips fit most nails
They look like nail varnish.

Difficult to remove
You cannot re-use any left-over strips since they dry our after a while
Not widely available outside the U.S. 

Tip: The instructions suggest that you don't need a base coat or a top coat. Well I've done it both ways and I can tell you that I would suggest you use both if you want your manicure to last. 

I find this product very exciting so I thought I should share this NOTD & a mini review with you...!I hope you liked it...!!!

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  1. Είχα πάρει το ίδιο σχέδιο απο το eBay σετ μαζί με ένα άλλο με πεταλούδες! Όταν τα πρωτοφορεσα νόμιζα θα φύγουν σε 1-2 μέρες αλλα τελικά κράτησαν σχεδόν μια εβδομάδα!

  2. love these nails so muchhh:)
    I just found your blog and I really love it!!
    check my blog if you wantt


  3. @scrabgalGR : to exw kai ayto me tis petaloudes alla den to exw xrhsimopoihsei akoma...!kratane, ontws, poly.

    @VickyBeL: thank you and welcome to my blog!! :)


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