Clarins Goodies

Hello all,

First of all let me just say a huge thank you to everyone who entered our collaborative giveaway!!Congratulations, once again, to the winners and just to let you guys know I will be having a 300+ followers giveaway in about a week or so, so stay tuned for that!!
Now, on to today's post...I have accumulated some Clarins goodies and I wanted to share them with you all. Clarins, for those of you who are not familiar with it, is a high-end skincare and make-up brand(mainly skincare). I remember when my mother used to go to one of their salons and get treatments done. She was always happy with the results and used to love their products. Years went by and I am, now, in my mid-twenties and ready to step-up my game as far as taking care of my skin, goes.
Now, before I move on, I would like to clarify that I paid for ALL of these products with my own money. I would, also, like to thank the lovely Sofia who works at the Clarins counter at Sephora in Psyhico. Sofia helped me pick out these products and she also gave me several product samples to try out.
So...here are the products...!
 So (from left to right) we have the Toning Lotion with Camomile (is smells sooooo gooood). This is a lotion meant for people with normal to dry skin but I've used up a sample of it and it suits my combination skin perfect.

 Next I got a much needed eye gel. This is a the Eye Contour gel meant to combat puffiness and dark circles and it does exactly that!!
Last but not least I needed a new cleansing product and I thought I should give the "Pure Melt Cleansing Gel" a go. I can't really tell you what I think of this product yet, since I haven't been using it for more than a couple of days but I would be more than happy to do a review, in a week or two, if you guys want. 

Now, on to the samples I got with my purchase...

From left to right: Beauty Flash Balm(I cannot wait to try this as a make-up primer...I heard it is AMAZING), The Camomile Tonic Lotion(great for travelling), HydraQuench Cream-Mask and the Daily energiser Cleansing Gel.
You gotta love samples...;) ;)

That is all for my Clarins goodies...!!Let me know what you think....!!



  1. i always wanted to try sth from clarins but it is too pricey for me...that eye cream looks really interesting.

  2. yay!! i love love clarins products :)!! they make the most amazing things for skin :)!! i'll have to try out some of your picks :)

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  4. Sxedon ola ta proionta ths clarins einai kala alla to beauty flash balm einai apisteyto!!! Σου εχω ευχαριστα νεα, δες την τελευταια μου αναρτηση και θα καταλάβεις!!!


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