How to wear a bright lip...!

Hey guys...I know I have been posting like crazy this week but I am off to see family tomorrow so I don't know if I'll be able to post anything until next Thursday hence all these posts!!I am still packing because my day was very busy so I am not ready yet but I thought I should do this post before getting into the last part of packing(which is make-up and shoes)!!
Now I did this post on how to wear a bright lip or what eye look to pair with a bright lip. I have a love-hate relationship with bright lipsticks to be honest but this summer I thought I would start wearing my brights for a change...!So, as I was trying out different eye looks to pair with bright lips I came down to two that are classic but also simple enough. I believe that one of the two should dominate a make-up look so I went with a colourless eye with or without eye-liner and some relatively big lashes. It is nothing difficult or extraordinary but I think that it works very well so I thought I should share it with you.
Here are some pictures...
The two lipsticks I chose for this "experiment" were "Chatterbox" (top) and "Watch me simmer"(bottom) both by MAC. 

TOP: A wash of a champaign coloured e/s, some eyeliner(a mixture of a black gel liner and a taupe cream shadow) and one coat of mascara
BOTTOM: A wash of a champaign coloured e/s, two coats of mascara and two individual lashes in the outter corner of the eye.

That is all for today...!I hope you liked this post!Please let me know whether you have any tips about wearing bright lipsticks. Also...I want to know what you think about me getting my moles removed. I have been thinking about it for a couple of months now and since I put up a picture where they are visible I'd like to know what you think...!
Hope you're well and that I will be able to post something before getting back home. I have taken pictures with me and I will try to hunt down a computer so I can post something...fingers crossed...!


  1. para polu wraio post! auta ta kragion sou pane polu. kai vgale to word verification!ante!grrr

  2. Υπέροχα χρώματα!!!Το Chatterbox μου αρέσει τόσο τόσο πολύ!!!

  3. @lydi:merciii!tha to skeftw gia to word verification...:p

    Angel mary:eyxaristw.nai to chatterbox to exw erwteytei....

  4. I had Chatterbox and gave it away as it was too bright for me! Now I wish I had kept it and layered it over a lipliner or put a lipgloss over it to lighten it up:)

  5. yessie: I have done sth similar in the past and then regretted it...!!I think nowdays I like to play around with products first and then decide whether I want to part with them or not! :P


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