January favourites!!

Just a quick post today my lovelies, featuring my January favourites.

So here is a list of what I have been loving this past month:

Chanel "Soleil Tan de Chanel" bronzing make-up base:
I got this a couple of weeks back and it was love at first swatch. I use it to contour and I apply is with a SIGMA F86 brush from the Sigmax Line.
Sigma P82 brush: Amazing brush for highlighting.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara(in Brown/Black): I have been loving it's synthetic, curvy wand for an everyday look.

Mini stainless steel tweezers: I have no idea what these are but they give me great control.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler: Not much to say about this product. I've had it for 2 years and I still think it is the best curler out there.
Garnier BB Cream: I cannot begin to tell you how much this product has been a life saver. My skin is becoming more and more dry my the hour due to the extremely cold weather. This product amazing because it keeps my skin moisturised and gives me the perfect amount of coverage.

MAC studio finish concealer: The only reason why this is even part of my favourites is the previous product I mentioned. I used to hate this concealer but lately I have been using it over the Garnier BB cream and it works like a dream.

NYX true taupe e/s: This has been my go-to e/s to use in the crease for my everyday look.

Last but not least...

NARS blush in "Sin" : An old favourite that I have been loving this month.

What are your favourites????I would love to know...;)



  1. Τελεια προιοντα!Το Soleil Tan de Chanel, η ΒΒ και το studio finish concealer ειναι κ δικα μου αγαπημενα!
    Το Sin μου φαινεται πολυ ωραιο και ειναι στα προιοντα που θελω να δοκιμασω καποια στιγμη

  2. Το bronzer της Chanel το βλέπω συνεχώς μπροστά μου...
    Νομίζω πως ήρθε η ώρα να το αποκτήσω!
    Το Shu Uemura eyelash curler ξέρεις πού μπορεί να το βρει κανείς?

  3. @Danielitsa: Thank you!!! :)

    @beautyincrisis: Merci!To Sin einai poly idiaitero xrwma. Ean psaxneis kati plum aksizei na tou rikseis mia matia!!

    @AnGeLmArY: Etsi hmoun ki egw prin to agorasw to Chanel..to evlepa pantou...! :P
    Gia to Shu Uemura twra einai dyskolo na to vreis sthn Ellada. Egw to eixa parei apo ta Harvey&Nichols sto londino. Palia eixa kapoia proionta Shu Uemura ta beauty works alla den kserw an exoun pia. Alliws ean exeis kapoion sthn Agglia mporeis na ta paraggeileis apo to Space NK kai na tou/ths ta steileis.Hope I helped. :)

  4. polu omorfa ola , kai to royz fenetai pragmatika monadiko

    ayto to mhna kai egw latrepsa BB cream
    tis chanel se poia timi einai??

  5. Aha! You got the Chanel bronzer, yay!!! Doesn't it give you that "expensive-looking" skin? I can't describe it any better! Lovely favourites, hun ;)))

  6. @mar te: Thanks so much!Koita to Chanel den kserw giati den to agorasa sthn Ellada kai apofeygw na kanw conversions ta opoia mporei na mou prokalesoun egkefaliko :P
    Nomizw oti einai gyrw sta 35 alla mporei na kanw kai lathos opote kalytera na rwthseis se ena counter gia sigouria.

    @Evi: Ypekypsa sto Chanel...!It was about time nomizw. I love that bronzey look it gives you!I am absolutely in love with it!!

  7. Πολύ όμορφα όλα! H ΒΒ και το studio finish concealer είναι κ δικά μου αγαπημένα!
    Θέλω να δω fotd! Το sin ιδιαίτερα!!! =)

  8. πάντα ήθελα κάτι από rimmel!!Νομίζω θα δοκιμάσω!!

  9. exeis vraveio filh mou http://madeofstarsblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/lovely-music-award.html

  10. @Argyrousa: To sin einai apo ta agaphmena mou blushes ever...!

    @Konstantina: H Rimmel exei kapoia proionta pou aksizoun pragmatika.

    @Lydia: Thanks filh mou!!!!!!! :)


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