Collective haul!!

Hello Hello,

You might have been wondering where I have been. The truth is that I was home for a little bit and then when I returned to the almost-Arctic-circle my internet was down.So, now I put a temporary internet solution in place.
So having said that I have a collective haul for you today with things I bought from the 4 airports I stopped at during my flights and some other things.

So...as I said, most of these I bought at duty free shops,some I bought on-line and a couple were in a gift bag I received from my very good friend and fellow blogger Lydia (http://madeofstarsblog.blogspot.com/)
So, let's start with that gift bag and some things I bought online for the both of us and sent to her(don't ask...).
So, let's get started...
1. Two Essence brushes(eyeliner and blush)that I am absolutely IN LOVE with.

2. Two EOS lipbalms (lemon drop and summer fruit).I really do like both of them but I prefer the lemon one which also has a bit of an SPF.

3. Some nailpolishes......!!!!The first is the top coat everyone has been raving about and it is the Seche Vite. The second one is Sand Tropez by Essie(from a spring 2011 collection)and last, but not least, is Chanel's June nailpolish from the Spring 2012 collection(I just couldn't resist this peachy colour).

4.The YSL Faux Cils mascara in the colour "Noir Radical". I re-purchased this because I loved it the first time around!!

5. Elizabeth Arden 8 HOUR cream. This is a very special product and I bought a travel value pack and I have been using it to revive my cuticles and moisturise my dry patches(it came with two 30ml squeezy containers one of which I gave to my mom).

6. From the MAC counter at the airport in Athens I found a blush I was set on getting from the Naturally collection and that is "Fresh Honey".

7. Second to last is a product that I needed and I have been thinking about getting for a while. This is the Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting powder.

8. Last product is a perfume from the Body shop and it is the "Tobacco Flower". This is a veeeeery old favourite of mine and once I saw it was repromoted I knew I had to get it.

That is all my dears. What do you think of my "little" haul??Any reviews you'd like to see??Let me know in the comments ....;)


  1. I love them all!!
    You're so lucky ,I want eos too!!!

  2. Oooh, pretty thingies! I want Chanel June too but I already got some Essie polishes so I try to be a good girl :) The MAC blush looks such a natural and pretty colour!

  3. I have the translucent powder and I love it. It's so light weight and I always use it to set my BB creams.

  4. Με γεια σου :)
    Το ρουζ από την Mac είναι υπέροχο!!

  5. @Konstantina: Thanks!!!If you want info on where I got the EOS from I have a post coming up next week :)

    @Natalie: I adore the MAC blush. I know...nailpolishes can be so addictive...!I have another orange to be honest(china glaze's peachy keen)but this doesn't really compare.

    @adthenshesmiled: I think the powder was such a hit. I don't regret paying the price tag on it AT ALL.

    @Claire: Thank you!!!To rouz to eixa dei apo to promo akoma and it was love at first site!

  6. Gasps, faints, palpitates..
    Tobacco Flower is back???
    I better run and buy abt 10 of them!!!!

    Awesome haul btw, Chanel June n/p and that MAC blush look amazing!!!

    Thanx for the alert! ;)


  7. @Tina: I am glad I could be of help my dear. I am definately buying a back-up soon just in case...!I was so incredibly psyched when I realised it was back...!!


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