OPI Mini Muppets swatches

Hello my beautiful readers!!
I have a post for you today featuring swatches of the OPI muppets mini nailpolishes.

From left to right: Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi, Designer...de Better & Warm and Fozzie

I also have some individual swatches. They are not perfect and I would like to apologize for that. I am planning on buying a new camera so that I can "deliver" better photos for you. If you have any suggestions please do let me know...:)

Wocka Wocka: This is a nice red with a gorgeous gold shimmer that doesn't show up in photos unfortunately.

Excuse Moi! : This is a multicolour glitter with a red base.

Designer...de Better. This is my favourite colour. It is a metallic silver with a bronzey undertone.Absolutely gorgeous and very unique colour.

Warm and Fozzie: This is a metallic brownish colour which is a little difficult to describe. This polish has gold and red undertones. This mixture of colours makes the polish look brownish/bronzey.

Now, if you are looking for the most unique colour to pick up from this collection I would recommend: Designer...de Better.I am also considering picking up the multicoloured glitter polish from this collection because it caught my eye, however I haven't decided yet. If anyone owns please please let me know what you think of it.
That is all...!I hope you liked this post.


  1. μ' αρέεεεεσουν! Ειδικά τα 3 τελευταία πάρα πολύ!

  2. axx auta t OPI ! einai sketi trela!


  3. πολύ όμορφα!!!
    μόνο το κόκκινο glitter μου φαίνεται λίγο περίεργο..


  4. i love the silver one, looks stunning for wintertime especially!

  5. Oooh, how pretty are these little things? They look so cute in their mini bottles, most of I love Designer. I wonder why greek companies have only recently discovered crackle nail polishes but still no glittery versions yet...

  6. @smugnificent emena to prwto kai to trito einai ta agaphmena mou.

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Den einai...??!!! :)

    @glamclub: Einai ontws ligo periergo. My least favourite tha elega..

    @Anastasia: It is indeed gorgeous and perfect for winter!

    @Evi:They are very cute!I like the fact that you get a variety of polishes. Greek companies are always behind...

    @Lydia: Merci love

  7. Loving all these creative nail polish. So chic!

  8. Happy New Year! Pos ginetai kai sxedon ka8e fora pou pernao apo to blog sou exeis nail post hehe! Polu omorfa ta minis, ola ta xromata einai ena ki ena :)

  9. @Glee: Thanks so much!

    @Cel: Den einai tyxaio...!Katholou tyxaio!! :)
    Enas logos pou ta phra htan epeidh einai ola idiaitera xrwmata. Den exw tpt allo antistoixo..


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