NOTD Orly "Confetti"

Just a NOTD for you today. I am sorry for being MIA but work has been extra hectic. I will do another post for you tomorrow though to make it up to you.
Until then here is a quick NOTD featuring Orly's Confetti nailpolish.I hope you like it!!!!!!! :)



  1. Oh, nice! I always forget to check out the Orly nail polishes cause I'm not too crazy about their packaging, but their colours seem to never fail! xx

  2. I know...!I used to discard them but since I fell in love with Pixy Styx I have been giving them a try and they have a very nice range of colours. Also, they are pretty reasonably priced over here which makes them even more "attractive"...:P

  3. Very pretty colour! I think a creme light pink is one of the must-have shades.

  4. great one my love!! and i bet it will match perfectly with the shiny one i got from e.l.f !!! we are gonna give it a try when u r back !!! ;) <3

  5. @Natalie: yep...!It is definately a must-have shade.

    @Kate: Sure thing!!!!I have an idea or two about some nail art that we could do as well!! :)

  6. can't wait to do some nail art when u r back!!!! ;) <3


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