Summer lips...(my lippies and gloss picks) & a note from me...

My dear readers,

Before I begin talkin about today's "topic" I would like to let you all know that I am leaving Greece tomorrow and going to the U.K. where I am starting a summer job in a couple of days time. I will not bring my laptop with me since I will have limited access to the internet for the rest of July and the beginning of August. I will do my best to post some stuff during that time but I cannot guarantee the number of posts I will be doing. I will try to post some reviews using pictures from the web and using my blackberry whenever I have wi-fi access to post some pictures.
I would like to thank you all for your support and I would like to ,also, say that I love blogging and have no intention of quitting so please don't misinterepret the lack of frequent posts to mean that I don't care about my readers and my blog.
Now on to today's post....

I thought I would do a post about my summer picks as far as lipsticks and lipglosses go. I have several lipsticks that I like and I thought you might be interested to my picks and maybe even get some ideas...;)
1. MAC "Funtabulous" dazzleglass: A subtle purple gloss that is very wearable if you put it on by itself.

2.Revlon lipgloss in "Peach Petal". Great nude but I would suggest using a light hand so it doesn't end up looking like tip-ex. I place a small amount on the center of the lips and pat it with my finger.

3.MAC "Speed dial" lipstick (with a bit of ELF supershine gloss in "Flirt" over it). I love this lipstick. It is the only pink I actually wear. It does look a tad washed out here so have in mind that it is more pigmented than this.

4 & 5. Number 4 is the 17 mirror shine lipstick in "Peace" and number 5 is MAC's tinted lip conditioner in "Gentle coral". 17 is a British company and I love this line of lipsticks. They are the most moisturising lipsticks I have ever used. This colour looks scary in the tube but trust me it isn't. I have pretty pigmented lips so both of these lip colours look very wearable on me which I love. Now, as far as the tinted lip conditioner goes I think it has been discontinued so if you like the matte coral look then try and get your hands on the lipstick I mentioned above.

That is all from me...!Thank you for reading my post and following my blog and I hope I will be able to post something for you guys very soon.

Lots of love...


  1. m arese para polu t kragion speed dial! k mallon tha mpei sto wish list mou! :D

  2. hello!i love your blog..!i follow you..can you follow me?thnks..its so important to meet new ppl!http://thestyle-guide.blogspot.com/

  3. Good luck with your new job, girl! I hope it goes all well for you ;)

    Speed dial looks so pretty on you! I should check it out next time @Mac- last week I got Impassioned and a face brush! Now that I think of it, I must take a break from Mac for a couple of months, my wallet hurts! lol


  4. lovely lipsticks the first one is adorable! I hope your new job would be creative and profitable!!Have a nice summer!

  5. good luck kai kalo kalokairi. check out the bargains in the UK. oraio 4+5

  6. Good luck with the new job kai kalo kalokairi!!! xxx

  7. good luck with your new job!!! I just loved Revlon's Peach Petal!!!

  8. thank you girlies!!!I am sorry for the lack of posts but I have been working non-stop!!I miss Blogging and I will return shortly!! :)

  9. Hope things are well with you hun and that you've settled in your new life!!!

    Peach Petal looks gorge on you btw!!!


  10. Very nice peachy and pinky lips to give the person a very cool and casual look every day in summer.It is good to exchange thoughts so we know what is trendy dressing.mineral foundation


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