Korres VS The Body shop white eyeliner pencils

Hello my lovely readers!Firstly I'd like to thank the people who have entered my giveaway so far and let the rest of you know that it ends on Sunday the 12th of June!
Now, today's post will be a comparison between two white eyeliner pencils.
The Body Shop eye definer: White
The first one I purchased was the Body Shop "05 Eye Definer Shade: White". I bought that a couple of months ago when they had some sales and the price (as far as I can remember) was 6 euros. Now the price itself is very reasonable. The actual price of this product is aruond 9 euros(prices may vary).Not too bad for an eyeliner if you ask me. However, the pencil is stiff and the colour pay-off is not great.
The reason I wanted a white eyeliner pencil in the first place was to use it on my water-line to brighten up my eyes. This was impossible to do because of the poor stain power of this product. I was really dissapointed and frankly very surprised since I own another of the company's liners(in the shade 12 "Shimmering Steel") which is smoothe and has a great stain power.
Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil: White
I bought this product a couple of days ago for a little over 7 euros from a pharmacy. I thought I should give this a go since I have the gold one and I absolutely love the formula. This is everything the "Body Shop eye definer" isn't. It is smoothe, the color is very opaque and it stays on for a long time. Also, the price is equally, if not more, reasonable which definately makes this a HG product for me.
Here are some swatches for you guys:

Excuse the lack of make-up and my dark circles but I had a bunch of tiny moles removed yesterday and I have to be really carefull when applying stuff to my face and/or neck. Because of that I decided not to put any make-up on today and I hope that you don't mind.Anyway... :P

Let me know what you guys think...!Do you use white eyeliner and if so which one is your favourite??


  1. I love the korres eyeliner, it's very creamy and long lasting. I have bought the white and tha black ones. I do not use body shop products because they test on animals. I don't want an eyeliner which has been put on a innocent creature before me.

  2. I love KORRES eye pencils for the water line too! Really smooth and lasts enough! And as far as I've seen is the only brand that states that "this product can be used at the inside of the eye!"
    Really nice post! =)

  3. @Anastasia: How is the black one?My other one is about to run out on me and I would love to try the black one?Is it as long lasting as the white one?

    @Argyro: Thanks!!You are so right!I always use my pencils in my waterline.It is nice to have the company reassuring you that it is safe to do so!

  4. the black one is SO black! I love it! I don't use it on my waterline because it annoys me when wearing contacts , but i use on the lower lashline and it stays perfectly all night! Go try it ! Amazing product , worth every cent! :)

  5. Polu wraio post k genika ta proionta tou korres ta protimw k egw pleon! @Arguro exeis apoluto dikaio giati polles fores orismena moluvia ere8izoun ta matia mas ! :D

  6. I can clearly see the difference in the swatches! I have an Erre Due white pencil for my waterline and inner corner and it's good. Problem is I use contact lenses so no pencil can stay in my waterline for many hours. Thanks for the review, I'll buy it after I finish the Erre Due one. :)

  7. @Anastasia:sold!!I'll be purchasing it shortly :P

    @Fashion Sugar Bubbles: Thank you!!Ki egw exw arxisei na dokimazw diafora tou korre recently!

    @NatalieDouka: I know what you mean about the contact. I used to wear them as well and it is difficult to find products that last long on your waterline!

  8. I still haven't found a good white pencil for my waterline...I have a Chanel white which is amazing excpet staying in my waterline..I use contact lenses too and when I want white I put the pencil and then I pat gently some white eyeshadow...I'm gonna try the Korres one..thanks for the tip!

  9. @Demi: you're welcome!I hope you like it!

  10. The Korres one looks very good, the swatch reminds me of the MAC Fascinating one(the one I "swear by")!!!
    Booo to TBS, how's a white eyeliner gonna do the job with such poor payoff???



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