Blog Awards!!!

I know there are rules to this award post but I'd rather do it a little more freely...!First of all I'd like to thank Anastasia who gave me these awards!! :)
Here are the awards

Now on to the 7 things about me...

1) I was born in November which makes me a Scorpio.
2) I am addicted to coffee!
3) I feel much more at home in the U.K. than I do in Greece
4) I have a dog that I absolutely adore.
5) I am an only child
6) I love anything that smells coconutty...
7) I love autumn

Now, I pass these awards to:

All the girls on the Greek Beauty Bloggers' Network list( I am not listing you guys since you've been "tagged" a couple of times already).

stavroula (http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com/)

Lisa (http://lisalovescoco.blogspot.com/)


Adrienne (http://thecrazybitchbeautygazette.blogspot.com/)

I hope your summer has been exciting so far...!

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  1. Sigxaritiria gia ta vraveia k euxaristw gia to vraveio pou mou dwses!! :)


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