Randomness of the Day and quick Review of the Maybelline Lash Stiletto Volume Mascara

So, today's randomness is just a picture I took with my BB(Storm II in case u r wondering) after trying on my new Essie nailpolish in "Bahama Mama"(which my manicurist bought for me from a tradeshow for only 5 €).

Now on to the quick review...!I looove this mascara. It is affordable, buildable, it has great stain power, it stays on for hours, it comes off relatively easily and it gives a good amount of length, volume and curve to my lashes. The wand is a little different but not too difficult to work with. The only downside is that once it is about to run out it might get a little clumpy.That is it in a nutshell!Feel free to ask me any specific questions you might have!!

I hope you find this post interesting or helpfull (or BOTH!) :D



  1. The polish is a really good colour for winter.And the price was such a bargain!
    Thanks for the review too!

  2. What a great name for a nail polish!!!
    (If only Essie was sold here for that price, I hear they upped the price to 12.5????)!

  3. @Ria no prb.I'm glad u found it even a little helpful. I just re-purchased the mascara actually with a 25%off from Galerie de beaute. I think that it is a pretty good deal for it's price range.
    @Tina I love the name. The color is pretty as well. Dark red/bordeux colors look brown on my fingers because of the color of my skin.This one has that plum undertone and it tends to look a little more on the red side. I heard about that 12.50 buisness and I am not impressed.I think 5 euros was a bargain. :)


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