Project x- pan!

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I decided I would start watching youtube videos again. I had stopped for about a month now firstly because I had very little time and then because I didn't want to "know" about the new MAC collections and products generally. The reason is simple: I have way too much make-up and I don't need any more...!
So I decided I wouldn't buy any more products until May (yes I did say MAY).Of course there is one "exception" to this! I am almost out of concealer (I use Studio Sculpt concealer by MAC)which I am going to purchase as soon as it runs out(I can't help buying concealer really so...).
But other than that I am on a strict spending ban. Except for the fact that I don't need any more stuff I think that I am going through a phase where I'd rather spend money on going out with my friends than on make-up. Also I have decided that I need to re-think and re-arrange my wardrobe so I'd rather spend some money on that at the moment.I still love doing my make-up(of course)and re-discovering products that I had forgotten all about.
Now, project x-pan is kind of my free version of project 10 pan. I am aiming at finishing as many products as possible until May so time will show. I will definately blog about it at some point(probably half way through it and then at the end of it). So...wish me luck...! ;)



  1. I LOVE your idea of not watching You Tube. That seems to be the #1 culprit of me wanting to try things, although I own substitutes at home. I might also do a makeup-spending ban until May because my wardrobe needs more attention at the moment. Thanks. :)

  2. I like watching youtube videos but, like you said, once I am ,even remotely, interested in... I feel the need to go out and buy it!I am glad someone else thinks this is a good idea!!Cheers :)

  3. great idea...good luck!
    make-up is not really my thing...i know and use only the basic and not really often...and i have so so many products for ages and i have to get rid off and buy new... still haven't managed :p


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