Holiday/ London Haul (part1 LUSH)

Hello and Merry Christmas guys....!I am back from my trip with lots and lots of goodies...!Let me start by saying I had a great time in London!I saw some of my friends and walked around all my favorite places. It was an amazing Christmas overall and the cold weather made it even better for me since I am a fan of cold weather especially this time of year.
Now on to the first part of my haul. First shop I went to was LUSH! If I could I would have bought twice the amount of stuff but I restrained myself in the end and only got what I really...really wanted.

1. Fairy tail sugar scrub. I am in love with this product. It exfoliates my skin leaving it sooooo smoothe.Plus it smells great and it is so cute...!

2. "Honey I washed the kids" soap. A classic. I haven't used this yet but I have a good feeling about it.
3. "I should coco" soap. This is the ultimate coconut soap and I can't wait to use it.
4. "Ma Bar". This cracked in my suitcase which I am not happy about but that only means I will use it sooner rather than later. I like the way it smells and I think that the cube of brown sugar in the middle is genius.
5."Mister Butterball" ballistic. I got the snowman version of it and it smells so nice and musky and I cannot wait to crack it in my bath.

6."A french kiss" bubblebar. Love love love love loooove the way this smells. French Lavender is one of my favorite smells ever.
7. "I want to believe" bath melt. This sort of smells like tea tree oil which will make it the best choice for a detox bath.
8. "Rock Star" soap. I bought this as a present for my mom. I will let you know what she thinks of it.
9."Snow Fairy" shower gel. This smells like bubblegum!One of the best shower gels EVER.It is more of a summer-scent but who cares?:P
I also got a full size " Strawberry feels forever" massage bar for free. This came with a cute message on a little card written by Martha(the girl who helped me pick out the products in the store). It was a great surprise. I want to give this a try soon.

So...what is your experience with Lush? Have you tried any of these products? Also, would you like me to do Part two of this haul which includes skincare and make-up products?Comment and let me know.


p.s. Thank you for your Christmas comments and messages. I hope you had an amazing Christmas!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. That place smells wonderful, there isn't a Lush place in Greece yet, but I've been in one in Sweden and I wanted to buy everything, I love pampering myself with bath products!

  2. Don't you just love the LUSH holiday collection this yr?! So cute! :D xx

  3. Froso, I know they are looking for someone to start Lush in Greece(I wish I had the money to be honest).

    Anita...I loved the entire holiday collection...I couldn't decide what to get...! :)


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