This is my first tag. I got it from "Belle Du Jour" and it is my first TAG!!So here it is...

-What made you choose your blog?

I was going through a -not so great- time in my life about 2 years ago and that is when I came up with a piece of writing under the title: Life is one big playground. I have posted it on this blog if anyone wants to have a look.

-What's your actual name?


-Do you have any nicknames?

I used to be called "The greek" at uni...!

-Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?

I love travelling and of course anything related to theatre and cinema. I, also, love swimming and tennis although I haven't picked up a racket in over a year now.

-What do you do?

I am a performance artist and I also teach Enlgish.

-What would you like to do?

Work as a performer or a director. Anything along those lines would make me incredibly happy. I would also like to move to the U.K. or the States permanently.

-Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?

Driving around Athens by myself long past midnight when I know I should be home sleeping.

-Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you.

I drink more than 6 litres of water a day.

-What achievement are you most proud of?

Being able to move to the U.K. when I was 17, get my degree and fit in perfectly.

-What do you most like about yourself?

Not much. I like the fact that I am very creative and a good performer.

-What would you change about yourself if you could?

Lots!! The list is endless really. Off the top of my head I would say that I would like to stop allowing others to take advantage of me.

-If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?

The chance to live my life the way I want to.


  1. I love reading posts like these! gives a cool insight into the person whose blog you're reading. :)

  2. And they are always fun to do!:)

  3. I love these sort of posts!
    Great blog! Come stop by mine and say hello when you get a bit of free time.
    see you around!
    x Belle


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