My new favorite lip product.

I am in love with MAC dazzleglasses (from the double dazzle collection) at the moment. Even though they are quite sticky I find that with thin layer of lip balm or chap stick as a base they glide on nicely. Also they stay on for a long long time and they look fabulous. I purchased 2 (Smile and funtabulous) and I would like to buy at least one more. If you have any suggestions please let me know!!

On another note I wanted to say how happy I am to be returning to the U.K.this summer. I will get a chance to see my friends there, visit all my favorite places(including my very favorite chinese restaurant in London that makes the most delicious duck ever) and last but not least I will be doing lots and lots of shopping.



  1. I love dazzleglasses too! I only just got into them but it makes me wonder what took me so long?! smile is my fave ♥

  2. Smile is my fave as well!It is great for any look really. I do want to get another one though but I am not sure which one?Any suggestions?


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