Life is one big playground "revealed"

Life is one big playground...and every one of us chooses what game to play and who to play it with!Some games are dangerous but exciting and others are safe but boring! We are torn between the two categories and sometimes we make the wrong decisions. We try different things but not everything works out for us. Sometimes we are dissapointed with our performance on a game and others we are dissapointed in others and their performance. Of course we have to remember that no matter who the others are and how poorly they perform we chose to play the game with them and the moment we give up on them, we admit we were wrong! People have the strangest ways of hurting each other and the most complicated ways to make others as well as themselves happy. But it is only a matter of time that they forget why they chose each other! Sometimes you lose someone but it is almost certain that you find yourself again ,somewhere under the ruins, hurt, but alive..!

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