About Acting...

"I love acting. It is so much more real than life..." Oscar Wilde

"Acting is a question of absorbing other people's personalities and adding some of your own experience.” Jean-Paul Sartre

"Life's like a play; it's not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters” Seneca

“An actor is never so great as when he reminds you of an animal - falling like a cat, lying like a dog, moving like a fox.” Francois Truffaut

“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes creation.” Bette Davis

“Acting is happy agony.” Jean-Paul Sartre

If you really do want to be an actor who can satisfy himself and his audience, you need to be vulnerable. [You must] reach the emotional and intellectual level of ability where you can go out stark naked, emotionally, in front of an audience.” Jack Lemon

“The actor should be able to create the universe in the palm of his hand.” Sir Laurence Olivier

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