Random Post Sunday: A Smoothie and a healthy lunch.

So for this week's Random Post Sunday I chose to go for a food-themed post. I don't think I have ever done a food post before but R.P.S. gives me the freedom to, so I thought...Why not???!!! :P
Now, yesterday we didn't have anything for lunch at home so I had to improvise. At first I thought, I will get some take away and get it over with. Then I thought I should try and make some healthy lunch using some stuff that I had at home. However I didn't have all that much and this is what I ended up making...
Yes I use a children's plate which features a fox, owls, birds and squirrels. I got it last summer in the camping section at Sainsbury's and I have been using it ever since because I find I eat less because the plate is smaller (maybe I am just crazy...who knows??) 
Anyway....the lunch was basically this.....
Rice noodles, tuna (in water) with mustard, lemon, pepper and 2 drops of tabasco, a teaspoon of garlic oil and half an avocado. That is all...minimal cooking(the noodles only need 4 minutes) and really healthy.


Now the second and main part of this post will be dedicated to my love of smoothies. I love making them, I love having them for breakfast, I love EVERYTHING about them really...!!
Now let's start by saying that my mom has always been breathing down my neck trying to get me to eat fruit every single day and I am very very lazy when it comes to doing it. 
So about 2 years ago I started making these smoothies to satisfy my mom and to also get my daily fruit/vitamin intake.
The only thing you really need is a tool (either a cup food processor, a multi mixer, a blender or a hand blender) and the ingredients of your choice. 
Here is my favourite combo...
I use a hand blender by Braun to make my smoothies. Other tools I use (left picture) are: a knife, a hand juicer for the oranges and at the back you can see a plastic water bottle that I tend to put my smoothies in especially when I am on the go. 
On the right you can see all the ingredients I use...: Strawberries, banana, oranges and the alpro Almond drink(it is basically almond milk). I also used one cube of ice which isn't in the picture ;) 

Here is the process in pictures....

 Now if you were making it for someone else what you could rim a glass with some brown sugar for that fancy effect...

This is how I "serve" mine 

That was this week's Random post Sunday!I really hope you like it....!As always, I would love to know what you think in the comments!!

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