OPI "The Bond-ettes" mini nailpolish set

Hello and happy mid-week guys !! :P
How have you been? How was your week so far?? I have some exciting nail varnish swatches for you today. As most of you already know, OPI released their Skyfall /James Bond collection. Some of the colours were exciting and others ,not so much. However, I was looking for one of them and couldn't find it anywhere so when I realised it was available in the set with the mini varnishes I decided to pick that up instead of going on a wild goose chase so-to-speak.
Now, without further ado, here are some pictures of the varnishes...!

 From left to right: Goldeneye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The world is not enough and Live and let die.

Mini VS Normal
This is "Goldeneye" and I bought the full size bottle before I purchased the set.


The Spy Who Loved Me

The World Is Not Enough

Live and Let Die

Now, since the last one(live and let die) is the reason why I bought this set in the first place I also have some swatches of this polish ,on the nails, to share with you...

Did you pick any colours up from this collection?What do you think of these colours??



  1. Pretty pretty colours! I bought the World is not Enough but I think I want Live and Let Die too.

    1. :) Live and let die is the one that I was looking for, for the longest time and couldn't find...!it is practical the reason why I got the set. Very pretty colour!!!

  2. this collection was definetely a hit!I bought casino royale and the world is not enough.it was difficult to choose only two shades so I think I will go and buy some more.

    1. It was definitely a hit!!!The world is not enough seems to be a popular choice. It is, without a doubt, a unique colour. :)

  3. Θέλω πολύ να πάρω κάτι συλλεκτικό από αυτά.. Φαίνονται τέλεια αυτά που προτίμησες εσύ!!


    1. Exei wraia xrwmata h syllogh. Aksizei dld na pareis kati ama den to exeis sthn syllogh sou hdh! :)

  4. I hate you, I think I'll go back for A Spy who Loved Me and The World is not Enough! Damn, just when I was trying to cut back on beauty purchases, hahaha!!!



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