Quick NOTD featuring Zoya "Daul"

I am sorry I've been absent for so long but I've been quite busy and not in the best mood to be honest. But that's not really something that should concern you guys!! :) :)
So here is my NOTD. I used this new nail varnish by Zoya called "Daul". It is somewhat difficult to explain what the colour looks like. It is an super shimmery varnish but the glitter is so fine that shows up almost as a sheen on the nail even though the particles are visible. The base colour is a purple (mid toned grape I'd call it...if that makes any sense) and the glitter particles are mainly gold.
Here are some photos....

The photos don't do this varnish justice. It is gorgeous and in my opinion perfect for the holidays.
What do you think?


p.s. I had my nails done on Monday morning and these photos were taken today. I think it looks pretty good....!I have experienced chipping with my other zoya varnishes but this holds up pretty well from what I can tell.


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