It has been a significant amount of time since I posted sth so I thought...what the hell...I will!! My thoughts around this time consist of very few things (which is totally unlike me btw). I am obsessed with finding work and more than that I am sick and tired of Greece and desperate to relocate ASAP. I know that is not the easiest thing in the world but I promissed myself I AM going to make it happen no matter what. Of course around this time I am beginning to make plans for my soon-to-come birthday. I care not (hehe) about presents and stuff although I do have a list in my head if someone is having trouble. What I care about is for my friends to join me in this year's celebrations (well not exactly celebrations but you know...). I have yet to find a place where I would like for all my friends to gather and a reason why they should. Most of my friends lately (if not 99.9 % of them) are not communicating with the rest of the world. I am not sure I care just because I think I have cared more than I should have in the past. However I am looking forward to seeing who is going to be there and more importantly who is going to be there for me rather than to parade his/her bf/gf to the rest!Oh well...I could care...or I could not...and the winner is................................Option Number 2!!We shall see how it goes...

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