Let is snow....

Athens is "dressed in white"! I am looking outside my window and the balcony has about 4 cm of snow , something extremely unsual for a "common" Sunday afternoon! Yesterday I drove back home and I was terrified but also excited to be driving in the snow! I have never experienced nething like this b4 (in Athens that is)...I had to clear my car of the all the snow...because I could not get to the lock....! Finally I managed to get into the car and start the engine and then I had to drive home which was nothing but a piece of cake....!But all in all...it was probably a once in a lifetime experience! Now I am just w8ing for the next snowfight opponent!!



  1. ax re gourouni ti xanw!!!gamw thn patra mou!!!

  2. Gourouni krima pou den eisai edw...!I would kick ur arse in a snowfight!!MUHAHAAHA!!Alla mporw na perimenw na ertheis Athina gia to bowling!xixi


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