my first summer escape....!

Hey everyone
Better late than never, here is a picture from my recent visit to one of my favorite greek islands, Kythnos. A dear friend of mine's family owns a a place there and we managed to escape for a couple of days. Considering the fact that I'll be working, in the U.K. from the 5th of July all through the 7th of AugustI am happy I even got the chance to leave Athens for a few days and be near the sea.

Hope you like the not-so-spontaneous but colorful picture of me(without any make-up on :P)



  1. No way! I can't believe the coincidence lol. I have a pic in my myspace profile putting my head into a bunch of flowers just like you (in voukamvilies lol). :DDDDDD
    About Korres lip butter stick: It's consistency is thin but it IS effective and has a fruity taste and aroma but not too fruity.It's my HG product. :-)))

  2. Oh wow how nice, I'd love to spend some time on a Greek island!


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