The international headlines today read :Rioting in Greece!This is what is happening just outside my door...right in the center of Athens the capital of Greece. We feel both anger, fear and shame about the murder of the 15 year-old boy, by a policeman, in Exarheia on Saturday. The prosecution of two policemen does not make these feelings go away and our youth is furious with the wannabe head figures of the political scene. The fat guy and his gang of incompetent politicians...seeds of long lost dynasties and ambitious loosers has caused us grief and misery. We don't walk out our doors in fear of being silenced or killed. These scenes remind us of the long gone times of the coup back in 1967. The only difference is that back then we(in the wider sense of the word since I wan unborn) knew what we were dealing with. Now, they take us for fools and allow their stupidity and incompetence to RULE the system. I am saddened by the thought of the dead teenager and angered by the suspicion that it will be covered up or overlooked in the same way they do all other things that compromise their ability to steal from us not only money but our very lives.

Shame on you...all...!You know exaclty who you are...!Just think...Alexandros Grigoropoulos could have been your own child...and then would you be able to go home in the afternoon and feast ...and relax? Would you??


p.s. Get a little taste of the situation...


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